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Angels on Call Homecare is a full-service home health agency that provides a wide range of in-home services to the residents of the Bronx and surrounding New York cities. Whether you are a housekeeper, caretaker, nurse, or nutritionist, Angels on Call Homecare has a rewarding career opportunity for you.

Tune into our home health jobs blog to learn everything you need to know about careers in home health. If you are ready to begin a rewarding career that makes a difference in the lives of your patients, contact us at Angels on Call Homecare today!

The Role of the LPN in Home Health

The licensed practical nurse (LPN) is an important part of the interdisciplinary team in the home healthcare setting. The LPN serves in a direct patient care role, interacting with and caring for the patient directly. If you are an LPN searching for a meaningful career, in-home care may be the right calling for you. If… read more

Roles and Responsibilities of Caregivers

The job of caregivers can be extremely demanding. Though this is true for any kind of work, at any location in the world, the fact that it is difficult to define their role precisely makes it more obvious. While most of the jobs can be discussed well with a detailed list of roles and responsibilities,… read more

Caring and Serving the Caregiver Way

Caregivers perform the noble task of caring for people. Be it a professional caregiver who works for elders and patients or a loved one caring for a member of the family, caregivers fulfill a unique and strong responsibility of being there always. With assisted living facilities located in Westchester and the From emotional support to physical… read more

A Day in the Life of a Home Health Nurse

Being a home health nurse is a career for those who are self-driven, devoted, flexible, and able to work without little to no oversight. The day of a home health nurse is full of autonomy and flexibility, which is what makes it some nurses’ dream and other nurses’ nightmare — those who enjoy structure and… read more

Reasons You Should Consider a Career in Home Care

When searching for a new job, most people are looking for a meaningful career that they can feel proud of and work in, content, until retirement. If you are one of these people and are searching for your purpose in life, we would like to recommend a career in home health. Whether you are trained… read more