Transition Care in Putnam County

Helping in Your Time of Need

Transitioning home after a short hospital or skilled nursing stay can be a little tough to acclimate to. You may feel well and mobile enough to not need to be an inpatient anymore, but a little unsteady or too weak to be confidently independent at home yet. That’s where we come in! Our transitional care aides are here to help you make a smooth transition and help where you need it while you recover.

Our caring staff provides transitional care services, including safety assessments, mobility assistance, help around the house, and personal care assistance as much or as little as you need. Our skilled home health aides have training and experience in encouraging you to do as much as you can and helping out where you need it, without infringing on your independence while  promoting recovery.

Our In-Home Transitional Care Services Include:

  • Advocacy while you are still an inpatient
  • Mobility assistance and physical therapy
  • Personal care assistance and occupational therapy
  • Medication reminders and wound care management
  • Home health nursing assessments
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • Transportation assistance
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In-Home Transition Care

Helping You Return to Your Home and Independence

In-home transitional care is the temporary care that is intended to help you recover after a short inpatient stay in either the hospital, a rehab facility, or a skilled nursing center. Recovery and healing don’t happen over night, and very rarely does a patient go from needing inpatient care to being completely independent at discharge. And, sometimes, there is no returning to the “before,” and you may need some support establishing your new normal. Transitional care includes all the services that help you complete the recovery process and get to the point where you can live on your own again. 

Whether you need in-home non-medical care for a few weeks or you require daily home health nursing care, or you need a mix of services to meet your unique needs that change as you progress, Angels on Call Homecare can meet those needs. We offer in-home transition care in Bronx County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County and Sullivan County as well as Westchester & Ulster Counties. Our services are flexible, and we bill most major insurances. To get the care you need in the comfort of your own home, contact us for the care you can count on.

New York’s Complete Hospital to Home Care Team

A patient who has recently had an inpatient stay in the hospital will typically require more assistance throughout the recovery process. Transitional care services from Angels on Call Homecare is committed to facilitating a smooth and safe transition back home. From transportation services to in-home safety assessments, and assistance with personal care, our angels are there!

If you are already an Angels on Call patient and get admitted to the hospital or have a stay in a skilled nursing facility for a rehab stay, we can simply pause your services if you’re well cared for at the facility you are staying in, or we can augment them. When you are scheduled to return home, we are right there to make the transition a smoothe one and can continue providing services until you are back on your feet, or as long as you need us!

Research shows that transitional care interventions implemented by a home health agency prior to discharge from an acute care facility reduced the risk or injury and readmission by nearly 50%. More than that, the stress reduction and emotional support patients felt helps to speed up recovery and reduce feelings of isolation or failure to thrive.

Whatever you and your family need through the transition process in Putnam and the surrounding counties, your home care team at Angels on Call Homecare can help. Connect with us to schedule your evaluation or services today!

5 stars

What seemed like a stressful move was actually a seamless transition because of the skilled medical professionals at Angels

This agency has been a helping hand to my grandfather for the past two years. Angels on Call was there every step of the way when my grandfather took a fall. We were assisted and coached through the entire hospital discharge and transition back to the home. What seemed like a stressful move was actually a seamless transition because of the skilled medical professionals at Angels. My grandfather adores his live-in caregiver and his weekly visits from his RN Case Manager has quickly become his favorite day of the week. They truly deliver the highest level of quality care and their commitment to my family and grandfathers needs are what sets them apart from other agencies!

~ Kevin M. ~