Live-In Home Health Care

Caring for New York's Seniors

At Angels on Call Homecare, we recognize that every client is unique and has their own care needs. We also firmly believe that living at home is the best thing in the world and we do whatever we can to help New Yorks’ seniors and their families do just that. Elderly care can be a 24-hour job and many families of the elderly don’t have the time or the resources to manage it themselves. That’s where our live-in care services come in! We can care for your senior loved one around the clock to provide you peace of mind and your loved one with the care and safety they need to thrive.

Live-In Care Services Consist Of:

  • Meal Preparation
  • Housekeeping
  • Errands and Shopping
  • Companionship
  • Grooming, Hygiene, and Toileting
  • Memory Care
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Live-In Care Feature

Millions of seniors and those with physical limitations and cognitive disabilities find it difficult to complete activities of daily living and manage their own personal care needs. This leaves these people and their families left feeling as though a loved one must provide full-time care, which can be difficult for the “sandwich generation” who is also raising children. The other option is moving their loved one to an assisted living facility or nursing home. The caring and compassionate staff at Angels on Call Homecare is passionate about offering an alternative that allows all New Yorkers to remain at home.

In-home personal care is a specialized non-medical service that provides assistance with all personal care needs for seniors who live at home but need some help. With the help and care provided by our in-home care aides, you or your loved one can live the life you deserve in the comfort of your own home. We offer personal care services on an intermittent basis, respite care, or live-in private care. Whatever your needs are, we’ve got the angel who can provide them! Contact us for an in-home evaluation and schedule your services today.

Look I'm going to keep this simple. My Nanny is a lot to handle. My family has tried numerous different agencies and their workers simply could not handle her. She's a lot to deal with. Then we tried Angels on Call. For the first time in my life my Nanny wasn't cursing out the aid that was caring for her. They are just too nice of people at Angels. One of the higher up guys, Rick, even used to stop in every now and again to check on her. Bottom line is these people care for their patients, A LOT. ~ Matt T

How Angels on Call Helps You Age In Place

Over the next few decades, the aging population is presumed to double. At Angels on Call Homecare, we offer services that will allow you and your aging family members to stay in your home as long as you want. In line with the recommendations of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for aging in place, our home healthcare team uses their skills and experience to make our clients safer at home in Ulster, Sullivan, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Westchester, Rockland, and Bronx counties. We can help you make your home more accessible and safer for people, regardless of their age or ability. Whether you are middle-aged and want to plan ahead, your aging parents are living with you, or you are aging yourself, we can help you prepare your lifestyle and home to age in place. Let us conduct a safety assessment and offer the in-home care services that can make it more comfortable and improve your quality of life.

Not every home health agency understands the concept of aging in place or what conditions contribute to decreased safety as people age. At Angels on Call Homecare, we know how to work with you to prepare your home for transition as you age and can make recommendations for remodeling services that will assist you as you age or allow you to move your aging parents into your home, comfortably. Some aging in place services we can help with include:

  • Handrails and grab bar installation
  • Room arrangement to prevent falls
  • Safety assessments to mitigate risks
  • Companion care for 24-hour attention
  • Engaging activities to improve quality of life
  • Companionship to decrease isolation
  • Intermittent medical assessments to prevent hospitalization
  • Mobility and transfer assistance
  • Personal care, nutrition, and hygiene assistance
  • DME set-up and client/family education
  • Some things you can do to prepare to age in place:

  • Convert a bathtub into a walk-in-shower or tub
  • Install slip-resistant flooring
  • Install lower and rounded corner countertops
  • Widen halls and doorways
  • Build wheelchair ramps
  • Renovate flooring to remove seams
  • Install smart home technology — motion lighting, door chimes, and emergency alert buttons
  • Install lever handles on doors and cabinets
  • Create a room/space for live-in caregiver