Caregiver Excellence Awards

Caregiver Excellence Awards

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At Angels on Call, we are always happy to recognize the excellence in our team members! On this page, you can find our featured employees, more information about our staff, and discover what it's like to work with AOC. To learn more about our team members and the care we provide, you can contact us anytime. Our licensed home care nursing, companionship, and private-duty services are available to residents in Peekskill and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Our Core Values

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Spirited - we are passionate about all we do, approaching challenges with a positive attitude

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Compassionate - We care deeply, and our empathetic and thoughtful team works to alleviate suffering

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Innovative - we are value-driven problem-solvers that work to create flexible solutions to problems

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Healthy Relationships - our team members are sincere, trustworthy, and reliable to deliver care as promised

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Dependable - our staff is hard-working and has exceptional attention to detail in all that we do.

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When you work with us, you'll get the best care possible!

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Employee Of The Month

Coming Soon!

Employee Of The Quarter

1. How do you feel about working for Angels on Call:
"I feel good about working for AOC. It’s great that they show appreciation for their caregivers."


2. How does Angels on Call differ from other Agencies you have worked for?
"They really care about the staff and the clients. They make you feel like you’re at home."


3. Would you refer Angels on Call to a fellow direct care worker?
"Yes, I tell people that AOC is a great agency to work for."

Valerie - Employee of the quarter

Valerie — Caregiver of the Quarter

Thanks again to Valerie for her incredible services!

Check back regularly for our updated featured employees so you can learn more about our friendly team!