Caring and Serving the Caregiver Way

Caregivers perform the noble task of caring for people. Be it a professional caregiver who works for elders and patients or a loved one caring for a member of the family, caregivers fulfill a unique and strong responsibility of being there always. With assisted living facilities located in Westchester and the From emotional support to physical assistance, psychological help to medical supervision, caregivers perform wide domain of tasks for their people. Caregivers play an important role in assisted senior living. They take care of the elderly, providing them timely assistance with respect to food, medicine, nursing, emotional support or simply spending some quality time.

Caregivers can offer their services at two distinct locations – they either work at assisted living communities, offering support to the dwellers with their daily activities and nursing needs or they offer home care services within the premises of a client’s house. Home care services are chosen by those elders who wish to reside within the comforts of their house while being surrounded by the company of a professional caregiver. These caregivers can be part of an agency or work independently. Irrespective of the mode of work and responsibilities, caregivers must harbor some basic qualities. Whether they are related to the older folks or executing their duties as part of a full-time job, caregivers must form a healthy and friendly bond with their clients. It is necessary to provide emotional, medical and physical assistance during times of need. Only a trustworthy interaction and association can lead to happier experiences between the two, creating a peaceful ambiance for our beloved seniors.

Caregivers have a unique ability to understand the needs of their people. They are able to comprehend their requirements and provide the same within a stipulated time. Thorough knowledge of medicines, nutrition, daily needs, and activities enables them to follow a regular routine with the elders. This attention to detail and interest powers their desire to take good and adequate care. When a caregiver executes his/her duties well, there is nothing to worry about. Caregivers possess skilled nursing capabilities that make them an integral part of the overall well-being of their clients or loved ones.

What are the essential traits that every caregiver must possess?

  What makes a good caregiver capable of taking care and executing duties in a flawless way?

 And what are the necessary qualities to be sought in a good caregiver? The answers to these questions can help you in finding the perfect caregiver for your elder folks.

  1. Good listener– Caregivers must be able to listen, understand, comprehend and respond to the needs of their clients. They should be good listenersto understand what their clients or loved ones need. If they halt and harbor patience to listen to elders, they can help them in a better way. Sometimes, a patient ear and calm approach are all that elders need to feel happy in situations.


  1. Attentive– Caregivers must be attentive at all times. It does not translate to constant monitoring or watching the elders. It simply means being available and receptive to their needs. Older individuals need more care in terms of health issues, hence caregivers must be able to respond to emergency or difficulties within a short span of time.


  1. Cheerful and friendly– If caregivers look at their role as just a job, they will not be able to form a friendly bond. Though this role demands seriousness, caregivers should be happy, smiling and cheerful in their approach. Such friendly conduct will ease the sense of awkwardness and provide emotional support to the elders.


  1. Resourceful– They should possess correct information and access to resources. Caregivers must note down emergency contact numbers, names and contact numbers of doctors, family members, neighbors, ambulances, drivers and all the necessary resources, when required instantly.

  1. Compassion and patience– These are the primary requirements to be a good caregiver. If they are compassionate and patient towards our elders, they will be able to address their needs in an effective way. Insensitive and cold responses or careless approach is totally incorrect because elders need more patience and emotional support during their old age.


  1. To be, yet not to be– This may sound confusing but it is an essential factor for caregivers. Though they should be available to address the needs of the elders, they should not dominate, bother or boss over their clients all the time. It is necessary to give them freedom, time, space and independence while performing their own duties or engaging in their activities.

There is no perfect formula to be a perfect caregiver. They learn and develop along the way, earning trust, affection, and love for this noble cause. Giving care and assistance in a timely manner as part of a full-time job is definitely tough, yet totally fulfilling in every way.

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