Home Health Case Management in Putnam County

Your Home Health Advocate and Liaison

Home health case managers can be thought of as the glue that holds your in-home care support team together. They function, primarily, as an advocate for their clients and their family members. The main goal is to be the liaison and ensure all the separate parts of a care team are on the same page to offer the best care to their patients. You or your loved one’s care team includes all home health aides, nurses, dieticians, therapists, insurance team, medical providers, and more! Case managers work with their clients to help them understand medical and financial information, locate personal and community resources, and make important decisions.

At Angels on Call Homecare, our knowledgeable and compassionate case managers help guide you on exactly what your loved one needs and coordinate care. If status changes or your loved one needs something different, your case manager will do what is necessary to get care plans updated and schedule additional services as needed. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

Our In-Home Case Managers Offer:

  • Ensure Patients and Families Understand Information
  • Coordinate Home Health, Medical, and Community Services
  • Communicate Complex Information in a Digestible Way
  • Advocate For Clients
  • Home health nursing assessments
  • Help Clients and Family Fill Out and File Paperwork
  • Meet With All Members of Interdisciplinary Team
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Case Managers provide a vital piece of the complete care program for their clients. By coordinating all the moving pieces and team members, the home health case manager acts as the point of contact and patient advocate. Whether patients are recovering from a recent surgery or managing a chronic health condition at home, case managers ensure their patients are receiving the highest level of care.

Because home health case managers are either registered nurses or licensed social workers, they have the skills and knowledge to oversee clinical and clerical staff, coordinate care, reinforce policies and expectations, conduct patient assessments, and ensure a positive patient experience.

The role of the home health case manager goes far beyond being an advocate and liaison for their patients and their family members, and can help navigate the complex medical system, community resources, and financial concerns. Like the conductor in an orchestra, the home health case manager ensures everyone is on the same page and adjusts services and resources as needed.

At Angels on Call Homecare, our case managers function as the coordinators of all your services, including all the support provided by Angels on Call as well as your medical team, medical insurance providers, and will work with other case managers if you are admitted to the hospital for any reason. To get an angel to watch over you when you need it most, connect with us today!

5 stars

A Godsend.

"About a year ago my grandmother's mental state took a turn despite her physical capabilities being second to none. My family hired Angels on Call to assist my grandmother during her morning routine, but we had never thought about what happens when the caregiver leaves. A few weeks into service and my grandmother had taken a hard fall at night and ended up in the ER. After notifying the agency of the occurrence, the owner who is one of the registered nurses of the company arrived at the hospital the next day. Without hesitation she arranged my grandmother's discharge from hospital and had a live-in caregiver waiting for us at my grandmothers’ home. Since the day my grandmother went home with a live-in caregiver, she hasn’t taken a fall. As someone who goes to college half way across the country it is a God-sent knowing there are people like Pam at Angels on Call looking out for my grandmother."

~ Robert Y. ~

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