In-Home Respite Care Services in Bronx County

Providing Care Takers the Break Everyone Deserves

Respite care services are designed to allow in-home care providers such as family or companions the much-needed break they deserve. Whether you need the afternoon off to have coffee with friends and run errands or you need a week off to attend a family reunion, our respite care services can help bridge the gap in care services.

At Angels on Call Homecare, we provide respite care services as needed or on a routine basis. When you leave your loved one in our care, you can rest assured they are well cared for. Contact us to schedule your services today.

Our In-Home Respite Care Services Include:

  • Adjustable hours and days
  • Flexible scheduling to meet your needs
  • In-home companion care
  • Housekeeping and meal preparation
  • As needed or set schedule care services
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Respite Care

Providing The Care The Whole Family Needs

There are more than 16 million Americans who provide unpaid care for their loved ones. We agree with these dedicated loved ones that home is the most wonderful place to be. However, we also believe that all people need and deserve breaks. Many family caretakers have a hard time taking breaks as they feel it somehow implies that the loved one that they care for is a burden, or they are nervous that no one can care for their loved one the way that they do. Neither of which is true!

Downtime and taking breaks are as important for the one being cared for as it is for the caretaker. Breaks help the caretaker maintain a sense of self and prevents caretaker fatigue and burnout. For the one being cared for, respite care services offer the opportunity for a fresh face and a sense of relief that their care provider is getting some downtime.

At Angels on Call Homecare, our respite care services can be tailored to your unique needs. Whether you need a few hours a month or a few days a week, our in-home care providers are here to help! We offer respite care services in Bronx County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County, and Sullivan County as well as Westchester and Ulster Counties. We bill most major insurances and have a plan that will work for you and your family. Contact us for your in-home evaluation and to schedule your services.

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How to Tell It’s Time to Schedule Respite Services

As we mentioned, respite services can be just as important for those being cared for as it is for those providing respite care, so seeking respite care services is not always for the caregiver, but all parties are sure to benefit from the break. Respite care services are great for offering a reprieve from the everyday routine and add a fresh perspective and energy. Every caregiver situation looks different and respite care needs will look different as well. Some of the signs it is time to enlist the services of an in-home respite care company include:

1. The caregiver needs a break

Providing care for another person is taxing. Parents of young children and those who care for their elderly loved ones can attest to the fact that there is no downtime, not a single moment to yourself. While this selfless service may feel like the right thing to do, it can take a toll. Mental, physical, and social impacts can cause severe negative consequences on the interpersonal relationships of caretakers and their loved ones. Respite care can provide that much-needed break.

2. The caregiver has other obligations

Providing in-home care for your elderly loved one is quite the undertaking and does not take away other obligations. For those family caregivers who have children, careers, or other obligations, respite care services can help offer a healthy balance to the mix. Whether you need coverage while you run a scout troop or volunteer for the PTA, respite care services can make all the difference.

3. There is a change in status

Whether it is a change in the health, finances, employment, or otherwise of the caregiver or the person being cared for, respite care services are the answer for helping ease the transition or provide temporary full-time care while a new normal is established.

At Angels on Call Homecare, some of our respite care clients use the services for two hours a week so that the caretaker can get coffee with friends and take a walk in the park alone. Some families opt for services for several hours a few times a week to spend time with their kids and allow their elderly loved ones to have bathing completed by someone outside of their family for comfort. While others, yet, use respite care services almost daily as an adult babysitting service. Whether you need a week to take a family vacation or a single day to get your hair done and complete your holiday shopping, Angels on Call Homecare is here for you!

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Benefits of In-Home Respite Care

Aside from ensuring that there is always someone available to care for your elderly loved one, there are numerous benefits to in-home respite care services.

1. Recharge

Having some time away from each other allows each person to relax and recharge. For caregivers, respite care offers the opportunity to do something for themselves or fulfill other obligations without being torn in different directions. For the person being cared for, it provides the opportunity to relax, get a break from their caregiver, and feel relief from feeling like a burden. Respite care can provide the opportunity to build relationships and recharge connections.

2. Engagement

Social isolation is a big concern for both caregivers and those being cared for. Respite care offers the opportunity for caregivers to reconnect with friends, join a social club, or simply spend time with their family. For the elderly family member being cared for, respite care offers the chance to interact with a new care provider as well as discover opportunities if you opt for an adult daycare or outing.

3. Perspective

Enlisting the help of a respite care provider offers a new perspective on the home situation as well as the health status of your loved one. As a family caretaker who interacts with your loved one every day, it can be easy to overlook subtle clues that indicate declining health. An in-home respite care provider can identify issues and help address them before they become big concerns. Additionally, they can offer home safety tips and nutritional suggestions.

4. Help Where You Need It

The great thing about in-home respite care is it is completely customizable! If you need a companion to simply look after your loved one and ensure their safety while you run errands, or you need a part-time personal care aide to help bathe and groom your loved one and prepare modified meals, you can get the help you need, where you need it.

Respite care services at Angels on Call Homecare offer our clients the opportunity to stay in their own homes longer, and we truly believe that there is no better place to be! If you are the in-home caregiver for your aging loved one, seek respite care services to help!

“This agency has been a helping hand to my grandfather for the past two years. Angels on Call was there every step of the way when my grandfather took a fall. We were assisted and coached through the entire hospital discharge and transition back to the home. What seemed like a stressful move was actually a seamless transition because of the skilled medical professionals at Angels. My grandfather adores his live-in caregiver and his weekly visits from his RN Case Manager has quickly become his favorite day of the week. They truly deliver the highest level of quality care and their commitment to my family and grandfather's needs are what sets them apart from other agencies!”

~ Kevin M.

Preventing Caregiver Burnout With Respite Care

Caregiver fatigue, also known as caregiver burnout, is a serious concern for those who care for sick or aging loved ones. The stress of caring for another person can lead to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion, and the concern grows as responsibility grows. Many familial caregivers also have children and/or careers to manage in addition to caring for their elderly loved ones. Caregiver burnout/fatigue is a concern for the mental health of the caregiver as well as the safety and wellbeing of the person being cared for.

The hallmark symptoms of caregiver burnout is a shift in attitude from patience and compassion to negative, unconcerned resentment. Many caregivers hide or ignore these symptoms because they feel guilty or ashamed for feeling them. At Angels on Call, we strive to prevent caregiver fatigue and offer support for caregivers and clients alike. Whether you want full-time, live-in care from a professional home health aide or you could benefit from intermittent respite care, Angels on Call has you covered!

Causes of Caregiver Fatigue

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Role Confusion

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Unrealistic Expectations

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Other Obligations

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Lack of Control

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Unreasonable Demands

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Personal Illness

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Family Pressure

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Notice the symptoms of caregiver burnout:

• Withdrawal from friends, family, and other loved ones
• Loss of interest in activities previously enjoyed
• Feeling blue, irritable, hopeless and helpless
• Changes in appetite, weight or both
• Changes in sleep patterns
• Getting sick more often
• Feelings of wanting to hurt yourself or the person for whom you are caring
• Emotional and physical exhaustion
• Irritability

To prevent caregiver fatigue, here are some suggestions:

• Take time for self care without feeling guilty — it’s just as important for them as it is for you!
• Find someone you trust to talk to about your feelings and frustrations.
• Set realistic goals, accept help offered.
• Be realistic about your loved one's disease.
• Talk to a professional therapist.
• Know your limits.
• Educate yourself about the illness, progression, and your options.
• Stay active, eat right, and get plenty of exercise and sleep.
• Accept your feelings, including frustration or anger. It does not mean you are a bad person or a bad caregiver.
• Join a caregiver support group.
• Take advantage of respite care services.

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