Nutrition Services

In-Home Nutrition Care Services in New York

An Integral Part of Health and Healing

Beyond in-home senior care, Angels on Call Homecare is proud to staff experienced dietitians to support your complete nutrition care. Nutrition is a critical element to health and healing. Our dieticians work in tandem with speech therapists and the client’s care team to establish an individualized nutrition plan that meets the medical nutrition requirements, texture qualities, and the client’s preferences. With close monitoring and follow-up, our dieticians can help improve the health and quality of life of our clients in the comfort of their own home!

At Angels on Call Homecare, our caring staff can help guide you on exactly what your loved one needs — and that is delicious homemade meals! When your loved one is experiencing changes, contact us for help. We have nutritionists, speech therapists, home health nurses, and companions who are there to watch over your loved one. Contact us to schedule your consultation today!

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Our In-Home Nutrition Care Services Include:

• Nutrition Evaluation
• Nutrition Counseling
• Modified Diet Suggestions
• Diagnosis-Based Diet Suggestions
• Education for Patients and Families
• Weight Loss/Gain Support
• Continued Assessment and Modifications
• Individualized Nutrition Planning

The main role of the in-home dietitian is to aid in keeping aging seniors at home. This is achieved through the prevention and treatment of malnutrition, improving overall nutrition status, and improving quality of life. 

As part of an interdisciplinary team, the dietician will take recommendations from the client’s primary care physician and speech therapist (if needed) to make personalized recommendations with various goals in mind. Recommendations will be relayed to the home health aide who completes grocery shopping and meal preparation. Some things to consider are special medical diets — including diabetic, renal, cardiac, and low sodium diets — weight goals, wound healing, swallowing compromise, and overall nutrition enhancement. If you or your aging loved one has specific concerns about their diet and nutrition, connect with us for your nutrition evaluation.



About A Year Ago

my grandmother's mental state took a turn despite her physical capabilities being second to none. My family hired Angels on Call to assist my grandmother during her morning routine, but we had never thought about what happens when the caregiver leaves. A few weeks into service and my grandmother had taken a hard fall at night and ended up in the ER. After notifying the agency of the occurrence, the owner who is one of the registered nurses of the company arrived at the hospital the next day. Without hesitation she arranged my grandmother's discharge from hospital and had a live-in caregiver waiting for us at my grandmothers’ home. Since the day my grandmother went home with a live-in caregiver, she hasn’t taken a fall. As someone who goes to college half way across the country it is a God-sent knowing there are people like Pam at Angels on Call looking out for my grandmother.” ~ Robert Y.