Home Health Aide and Companion Care in New York

Helping in Your Time of Need

Sometimes we all need a helping hand to get us through the day. Whether you or your loved one needs temporary in-home assistance while you recover from a joint replacement surgery or you require more comprehensive, long-term, in-home care, the home health aides (HHA), certified nurse assistants (CNA), and companions at Angels on Call Homecare are here to help!

Our caring companions can help you with a variety of household and personal care tasks, do errands, and just be there for you in your time of need. There is no reason to feel unsafe in your home or forced to move to a retirement home when you've got the help of our in-home assistants. Learn more about our HHA, CNA, and companion care services today.

Our Unlicensed In-Home Care Services Include:

  • Personal Care Assistance
  • Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)
  • Mobility Assistance
  • Hygiene and Grooming Assistance
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Medication Reminders
  • Appointment Accompaniment
  • In Home Safety Promotion
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Helping You Return to Your Home and Independence

The CNA, HHA, and companion role is similar in the home health setting. All of these professionals provide assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs), in-home care, and light housekeeping duties. The biggest difference between the care received is in the medical care that can be performed without a nurse or provider present. For instance, a CNA can measure and record vital signs, perform dressing changes, transfer patients, and relay the patient’s health concerns to the medical team. Home health aides do little to no medical care and their primary role is to assist with personal care and comfort.

Whichever level of care you need, there is an angel to help. Our in-home CNA, HHA, and companions work as part of the multidisciplinary team to provide quality care to patients to improve the health, safety, and overall well being. They can help with acute rehab, long-term care, and hospice. In addition to in-home care services, our CNAs and HHAs can help with transportation, running errands, and doctor appointment escorts.

Whether you need in-home care or companionship, Angels on Call Homecare can meet your needs. We offer in-home care in Bronx County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County and Sullivan County as well as Westchester & Ulster Counties. Our services are flexible, and we bill most major insurances. For assistance when you need it most, contact us for the care you can count on.

Which Home Health Service Is Right For You? 

In-home care is a growing industry offering more and more wellness and medical service delivered directly in the comfort of your home. Care is tailored to your needs and suited to fit you where you live. Providing comfort to the vulnerable and helping residents meet their goals, the value of home health services is truly immeasurable. If you or your loved one is having difficulty living alone at home and you've been debating moving to a facility, moving them into your home, or moving into their home, consider home healthcare as a viable option that doesn't make you sacrifice the freedom and comfort of being home. 

Many people who receive home health care have a team of various individuals with specific skills that meet specific needs and make up their multidisciplinary team. For instance, you may have in-home physical therapy, a home health nurse, and a home health CNA when recovering from an orthopedic surgery and opting to do the rehab at home. If you are wondering which level of care you need, let's review what each role is responsible for and how they can help. 

In-Home Companion

Social Support

The in-home companion is a person who attends to your interpersonal social and safety needs. Companion care is designed for those who don't need acute medical care or a lot of help with mobility or self-care, but are not safe being completely independent. Companion care is ideal senior care for aging family members who have lost their spouse and whose children have families of their own. To help combat depression and health decline caused by isolation, companions offer social engagement and someone to talk to. They can help with transportation and plan activities to cure boredom. 

A Safeguard

Companions are also great for those who aren't safe at home alone, including those who suffer from dementia or frequent falls. In-home companions can help identify and mitigate hazards and redirect wandering. For the dementia patient whose judgment is impaired, the in-home companion can offer gentle guidance. Companions can encourage and remind seniors to eat, bathe, and use the restroom. 


Companions help where you or your loved one need it most, around the house. Companions are well aware that as we age, house chores become more cumbersome and keeping up with them can be difficult. An in-home companion can help with light housekeeping including laundry, cooking, and general cleaning. 

Home Health Aid

The home health aid is a professional who has training in assisting seniors with hands-on care. The biggest difference between a companion and either a home health aid (HHA) or certified nursing assistant (CNA) is the hands-on service provided. HHAs can help with dressing, hygiene, bathing, grooming, feeding, and toileting. The HHA can also help with mobility, using transfer devices, durable medical equipment (DME), and mobility equipment including walkers and wheelchairs. They can also help with some medical tasks that don’t require a licensed medical professional, including cleaning medical devices, minor dressing changes, and various other tasks.

Certified Nursing Assistant

The certified nursing assistant is a certified medical professional who can assist with everything a companion and home health aid can, plus they can perform medical skills as assigned by the home health nurse including taking vital signs, managing indwelling Foley catheters and ostomies, and observing changes in medical condition. 

When you contact the team at Angels on Call Homecare, we will assess you or your loved one’s condition, physician’s orders, and safety needs, and make recommendations to best meet your unique needs. If your requirements or goals change, we can modify our services. Whatever you need, wherever you live, we’ve got angels to look over you when you need it most. 


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