How Your Loved One Will Benefit From In-Home Care

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How Your Loved One Will Benefit From In-Home Care

When it comes to care for your loved ones, you want the very best. Not only do you want a team of providers that you can trust, but you also want your loved one to be happy and fulfilled with the care they’re receiving. Oftentimes, it can be difficult to decide whether it’s best to place your loved one in a care facility, or if you should rely on in-home care. Angels on Call understands that this is a challenging decision, but we’re here to explain why in-home care may be best. Learn more about the benefits in-home care offers for your loved one, and reach out to Angels on Call Homecare to get started today!


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Fosters Independence

One of the most devastating things for both you and your loved one as they age is having to take away their independence by placing them in a home. There, they are at the mercy of the facility’s schedule, with little independence remaining. However, in-home care allows them to hold on to that independence by allowing them to essentially live a normal life and enjoy their regular activities, hobbies, schedule, etc.


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More Realistic From a Financial Perspective

Care facilities are quite expensive, so if you’re looking for a more reasonable option, in-home care is something to consider. Most home care companies charge by the hour, providing you with much more flexibility when it comes to out-of-pocket expenses. Now, instead of having to pay for your loved one to constantly be cared for, you can pay for care at times when it’s most needed, saving you a significant amount of money.


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Allows Family Members to Remain Involved

It can be frustrating for family members who put their loved ones in a care facility, as they often feel like they are left on the outside and don’t get to be as involved in the life of their loved one as they wish. However, with in-home care, you will likely have direct communication with your loved one’s caregiver, meaning you’ll receive frequent updates and be able to be part of the care plan.


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Offers a Higher Quality of Life

Aging can be very discouraging, especially when people are sent to care facilities. Their lives are then uprooted, and everything changes. In-home care allows them to feel comfortable, so that although they’re receiving the care they need, the majority of their lives remain the same. Typically, in-home care leads to a higher quality of life for patients because they feel like they are able to hold on to much of their autonomy.


Provides Specific, Need-Based Care

At care facilities, your loved one typically fits into the schedule when it’s most convenient. This means that, despite their needs, they may not be receiving the care they need when they need it. In-home care offers personalized, need-based care and one-on-one attention, so your loved one will get proper assistance at the right time. Additionally, because our team of in-home caregivers is only tending to one patient at a time, care typically gets completed much more efficiently.

The care of your loved one is important, and at Angels on Call, we’re here to provide only the very best. We understand that it can be devastating to realize that your loved one needs additional care, but we’re here to make it as simple and dignified as possible. Reach out to us today to learn more about our care options or to request care. 

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