How to Prevent In-Home Falls, Part 2

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Fall statistics for the aging population are not pleasant to read. One-fourth of seniors who fracture a hip when they fall will die within six months of that injury. Two-thirds of seniors who fall will do so again within six months. And, many seniors who fall may lose the ability to stay home, which can have a profound effect on a senior’s mental well-being.

Angels on Call offers amazing home health care services in New York. Our compassionate caregivers have a heart for helping seniors who need help staying in their home with odds and ends, such as physical therapy and personal care assistance. Our mission is to help seniors feel safe and supported while continuing to live independently. Below, we’ll go over more tips on how to prevent in-home falls so that you can stay in your home longer. Contact us today to learn more about our medical home health care services!


Live on One Level

Downsizing your home is usually a good idea when you get older. After all, with no kids in the home, you don’t need all of that space to care for and keep clean. Many seniors don’t want to have to care for a yard, either. In our last blog post, we mentioned the importance of installing more guardrails on your stairwells and in your bathroom to help prevent falls. However, even with guardrails, falling on stairs can still occur and is a frequent occurrence for seniors. Thus, if you are considering downsizing your home, Angels on Call in New York recommends that you buy a home with only one level in order to eliminate the chance of a fall on the stairs. If this is not a possibility or you want to stay in your home, then you can limit the number of times you go up and down the stairs. You can also move your master bedroom to the first floor.

Move With Care Always

Oftentimes, falls by seniors happen because they are moving too quickly. Either they are in a rush and don’t look where they are going, which causes a stair to be missed. Or, they trip on their own feet because they are running late. Angels on Call in New York recommends that as you age, you move a bit slower and take your time. This is especially important when standing up or sitting. And when you are going up the stairs, pause as you go up. Many seniors resist this notion, thinking it makes them appear “old.” However, is appearances worth a devastating fall that might require you to lose your independent living in the future?

Install Non-Slip Strips Everywhere

This tip may offend your independent spirit as well, but Angels on Call in New York recommends that you install non-slip strips everywhere there is a slip or trip hazard. Common places where falls in the home occur are bathtubs, showers, kitchen floors, bathroom floors, bare stairs, and porches. You may want to consider a mat by the kitchen sink as well, and definitely in the bathroom. While these non-slip mats may not match your decor, you’ll again have to consider the consequences of a nasty fall instead.


Angels on Call provides the best home health care services as you age. We serve Bronx County, Dutchess County, Orange County, Putnam County, Rockland County, and Sullivan County, as well as Westchester and Ulster Counties. From meal plans to diabetic management, we’ve got all of your home health care needs covered. Reach out to our team today!

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