Angel’s Response to COVID-19: Caring For New York’s Most Vulnerable

At Angels on Call Homecare, our top priority is, and always has been, the health and safety of our patients. As a local Homecare agency serving Putnam County and the surrounding area, our care providers specialize in the medical and non-medical care of the sick, disabled, and elderly of our community. Our caregivers and companions understand that this makes our patients some of the most vulnerable members of society. We have been working hard to keep our patients safe and their needs tended to despite the threat of the novel coronavirus. In the wake of a global pandemic, our mission has not changed, but the way we deliver our high-quality in-home care has been modified. Make no mistake, we work diligently to safeguard our patients while providing superior compassionate care. Join us as we discuss some temporary modifications to your loved one’s care.

New York leads the nation in active COVID-19 cases and related deaths. Angels on Call is dedicated to preventing our patients from becoming statistics. In an effort to protect our patients, we are following CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) and New York governor’s guidelines regarding in-home and eldercare. Some of the temporary changes in how we deliver our care may include:

More Assessments

For both staff and patients, we are conducting more than the normal number of assessments. We are monitoring staff and patient temperatures and looking for any sign of the coronavirus infection. Additionally, we may conduct testing to rule out COVID-19 infection to prevent the spread to New York’s most vulnerable residents. For those non-medical patients who are not used to assessments at all, this may be a transition, but the assessments are noninvasive and very brief. These assessments help identify trouble early and can lead to life-saving interventions quicker.

More Protective Wear

You may notice that your caretakers wear more protective gear or wear protective equipment when they never have before. This is to protect you more than it is to protect them. You may also be asked to wear a mask when in close proximity to your caretaker. Masks help reduce the chance of transmission of the COVID-19 virus that is known to be passed from person-to-person through respiratory droplets. Transfer can take place when coughing, sneezing, and even talking, and masks help all parties keep their droplets to themselves. Gloves and gowns that your caretaker may wear reduce contact to prevent organism transfer between you and your caretaker. Your in-home care provider will be happy to answer any questions and alleviate any anxieties you may have.


Fewer Outings

We can do the grocery shopping for you, but, with stay at home orders and social distancing in full effect, that means no unnecessary outings with you and your loved ones. You may find that doctors’ appointments are canceled or rescheduled and social activities are canceled. We understand that staying home presents some unique challenges and we are here to help you. While staying in, your companion will come armed with activities to pass the time without going stir crazy. If there is a required outing, our team will work with you on an individual basis.

During this time of uncertainty, the entire world has had to figure out how to modify business as usual and establish a temporary new normal. At Angels on Call Homecare, we are here to care for you and navigate the current situation together. Different doesn’t mean compromised care, it simply means modified. For your home care needs, contact us as Angels on Call Homecare today.

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