5 Reasons to Become a CNA

At Angels on Call Homecare in Putnam County, our certified nursing assistants make all the difference in the lives of our patients as well as the effectiveness of our home health agency. Our CNAs are the angels who watch over those who need it most, in the comfort of their own homes. We are eternally grateful for our CNAs and our patients continually send emails and testimonials raving about what a difference their CNAs have made in their lives.

Current CNAs can tell you how rewarding (and demanding) a career as a home health CNA can be. For those of you who don’t know, we are dedicating today’s post to giving you the top five reasons you should consider becoming a CNA.

Make a positive difference in other people’s lives.

One of the most rewarding parts about becoming a CNA is the positive difference you can make in someone else’s life. The patients you serve are not able to do the things for themselves what they need you to do. Without CNAs like you, our patients would struggle to have their basic needs met and continually be uncomfortable. With the simple things you do throughout your shift from wiping down an end table to filling a glass of water all help your patients be comfortable. The big things you do like preparing meals and walking your patients to the restroom, allow them to live healthy lives.

Enrich your own life.

One thing that most people spend their entire lives searching for is a purpose. Most people want to go to work to enjoy what they do, finding purpose and satisfaction. When you are a CNA, you make a difference and your work matters. Helping someone else has been proven to offer satisfaction and a positive outlook on life, lifting your own spirits. While some days may be difficult, the hard work is worth it when you see the end result and receive the genuine thank yous from your patients. Enrich your own life when you become a certified nursing assistant.


As a responsible adult, there is a good chance you don’t like being micromanaged and are capable of managing your time and completing tasks in your own way. Being a CNA means that you will work as a member of an interdisciplinary team and be included in the patient’s care plans. The insight you can provide will help direct care. The best part about a career as a CNA is the autonomy you have to direct your own day and make decisions regarding the care you provide. If you are self-motivated, responsible, and able to manage your time well, being a CNA affords you the freedom to exercise those skills.

Launch your healthcare career.

If you are interested in a career in healthcare, whether you want to be a doctor, nurse, or physician assistant, or physical therapist, laying a solid foundation is a good way to get your foot in the door and discover if it is something you are interested in pursuing. Building your healthcare career on the foundation of being a CNA will give you insight into the inner workings of healthcare and help guide you to find a spot you fit in. Additionally, beginning out your healthcare career as a CNA allows administration to see and value your work ethic and abilities, which will help you network in the medical community and land the job you want. All of the skills you learn and practice as a CNA are the basics of any other career in healthcare, so you won’t be wasting your time and energy learning and applying irrelevant tasks and skills.

Learn practical skills you can use at home.

If you are a parent or have cared for any of your ill family members, you probably already have most of the skills you need to be a CNA! Of course, you’ll learn the skills to care for others, but these are skills that you can take home to your own family. All of the skills you learn as a CNA are completely practical and can be used in other areas of your life. Likewise, practical life skills you have learned can be applied to your career as a CNA.

If we have done a good job at convincing you that becoming a CNA is a good option for you, read our other post about becoming a CNA. At Angels on Call Homecare, we always have plenty of options positions available to help grow your career. We support our CNAs (and, all of our staff) and encourage them to grow to reach their full potential. If you have considered becoming a CNA and are looking for a launch point for your career, consider a position in home healthcare in Putnam County. Visit us online for more information.

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