How Durable Medical Equipment Helps Make Home Safer

Durable medical equipment is considered any medical equipment that is used to make a person safer in their own home, aids in providing medical services in the home, or improves the quality of life. Historically, there were many diseases and chronic illnesses that required care within a facility. For instance, those who had a physical limitation that prevented them from moving independently or required other equipment including an oxygen tank or IV antibiotics, also required confinement to a facility. However, in recent years, durable medical equipment has allowed for nearly every disease or condition to be managed at home. Not only does this free up rooms in facilities for the more acutely ill, but it also helps promote healing and improves the quality of life when patients can stay at home.

At Angels on-Call Homecare, our staff is skilled and proficient in the use of durable medical equipment (DME) and teaching our clients how to use it. Follow along in today’s post as we review some of the ways that DME helps make a home safer and allows our patients to remain independent and in their homes, rather than in a facility such as a nursing home or assisted living facility.

Monitor Chronic Conditions

The most basic disease management DME includes a vital sign machine, blood glucose monitoring equipment, and respiratory equipment — oxygen tanks, nebulizers, and CPAP. All of this equipment helps you to safely monitor your condition and adjust accordingly. Being able to know your blood pressure or glucose level prior to taking medications that affect those levels results in less falls, injury, and prevents emergency trips to the doctor.

Some monitoring systems send the information directly to your medical care team, which allows them to remotely monitor your status and provide interventions quicker. Of course, this does not negate the need for quality medical care and regular physical assessments by your medical teams.

Promotes Mobility

Physical limitations caused by chronic disease, acute injury, or declining health causes a variety of healthcare problems and leads to a significant decrease in quality of life. While laying in bed while you recover from a recent surgery may seem like exactly what you want to do, this can be counterproductive to healing and actually leave you in a dire situation. Early movement helps promote healing and growth while it feeds an injured site with fresh blood cells and rich oxygen. When people remain bedbound it can lead to a terrible downward spiral that includes infection, bed sores, pneumonia, loss of range of motion, and atrophy of muscles.

Durable medical equipment helps to prevent all of this by restoring mobility for the physically impaired. Hospital beds allow you to adjust the bed height, provides side rails, and can even adjust to prevent bed sores. Chair lifts, Hoyer lifts, and sit-to-stand equipment helps to safely transfer you from bed to chair, chair to bath, or anywhere you need to go in your home. Walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, and rollators help you to safely move about, significantly reducing the risk of falls. Bedside commodes, shower chairs, and toilet lifts help to safely use the restroom and shower while decreasing injury and encouraging hygiene and continence.

Partnered With Quality In-Home Care

Durable medical equipment is an important part of recovery as well as managing chronic conditions. When you partner the use of DME with high-quality in-home care, you can optimize your home’s safety and your quality of life. Safe home situations allow you to live at home much longer and much better. In-home caretakers can help you manage your DME and assist you in the use of it to maintain a relatively normal routine with respect to activities of daily living.

If you or someone you love has a new or chronic condition that requires the use of durable medical equipment, contact the staff at Angels on-Call Homecare to help you manage the access to the equipment, safe use, and in-home care you can count on. Contact us to schedule your home evaluation today!

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