More Than Health – Total Wellness in Your Home

As the name implies, home health offers medical assistance to people in their homes. This alleviates the stress and the need for your loved one to stay in a facility or to be a burden on their family. But, did you know that home health care agencies, like Angels on-Call Homecare, offer so much more than health. At Angels on-Call Homecare, our angels offer total wellness, in the comfort of your own home.

Join us today as we discuss all the ways that home health agencies help improve the lives of their clients and families. At Angels on-Call Homecare, we provide non-medical and medical in-home care services on a live-in, long-term, short-term, or respite basis. Whatever your need, we have an angel for you.

Total Wellness From the Comfort of Home

The majority of home health focus is on the medical aspect and disease management of a patient who is either not acute enough to remain in the hospital or chooses to be at home rather than in a facility. However, medical health and the overall wellbeing of a person are not synonyms. Medical health is only a small fraction of the total wellness of a person, and being at home as long as possible is a key element to health, wellness, emotional wellbeing, and quality of life. That is why, at Angels on-Call Homecare, we offer so much more than just in-home medical treatment in New York. We offer the total wellness package, delivered to the comforts of your own home.

Medical Management

Medical management is what most people think of when they think about home health. At Angels on-Call Homecare, we offer a wide range of in-home medical care which ranges from a full-time live-in private-duty nurse who can manage your chronic disease, handicaps, wound care, and infusion therapy. Certified nurses assistant (CNA) can help monitor your vital signs, among other medical tasks. Home healthcare agencies also offer a variety of therapies — physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy — to help you manage day-to-day life, easier.

Personal Care

Personal care, including hygiene and homemaking skills, is the first to be compromised in the event of an injury or chronic illness. However, these are the day-to-day things that make life comfortable and you who you are. In-home personal care assistants can help with toileting, bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and meal preparation to help keep you and your loved one comfortable and cared for. Many home health agencies, like Angels on-Call Homecare offer transportation, serves that allow you to conduct some of your own personal care needs such as shopping and attending medical appointments. Just because you are homebound, does not mean that you are stuck.


Sometimes, you need little more than someone to be there for you and with you. As humans, we are social creatures who crave interaction and to feel valued. Companions are able to assist with some activities of daily living, but more importantly, are there to offer their company. If your loved one has memory impairment, this can mean the difference between them living at home, safely, or being institutionalized. Companionship is essential to emotional wellbeing and promotes better patient outcomes and increases mortality.


At Angels on-Call Homecare, we offer so much more than in-home healthcare (although, we do a lot of that too!). If you or your loved one needs more help to stay at home rather than moving to a facility, let our caring angels provide someone to watch over you. No matter how little or how much assistance you need, we have the people to help! Contact us to meet your angel today.

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