Transportation With a Purpose: Why Driving the Home Bound Patient Matters

There are few jobs that are as understated, undervalued, and overly appreciated as a driver for the homebound. You have probably not given this job much thought yourself and may have even scoffed at the idea. Call it an elderly uber or a taxi for the handicap, whatever you call it, it is important. For those who would otherwise be stranded in their own homes, at the mercy of gracious family members and friends, a driver for the homebound is a godsend. Join us today as we discuss some of the reasons that you should consider a profession as a transportation provider at a home health agency.


If you have never helped out someone who is stranded at home, you will never understand the pure gratitude they have for those who help. While you may just view it as an hour running errands, they view it as an hour out of their home, doing what the want or need to do. They will shower you with pure appreciation, a gratitude that you are unlikely to find providing transportation for those going to and from work or to and from the bar.

Make a positive community impact.

There are all sorts of ways that you can make a positive impact on your community. As we stated before, none are so understated as providing transportation to the homebound. It is not just the person you transport that you will make a positive impact on, but also their family members and the people they leave their homes to visit. You can ensure that patients make it to their much needed medical appointments and you relieve their family of the burden of taking time off school or work to make sure they get the transportation they need.

Provide much-needed companionship.

Just like your barber, your taxi driver, your bank teller, or your barista, when you provide transportation services, you offer a few moments of companionship and human contact that is sure to make both you and your passenger feel a little more connected and valued, even if the ride is spent in silence. Although, we think that you should invest the time and energy in conversation, we believe that everyone has a story worth telling.


As if we haven’t already listed the best reasons, you can rest assured that a transportation job has tangible perks for you. For instance, your vehicle becomes a work vehicle, which means all maintenance and work-related mileage are tax-deductible. Oil changes, gas, and other expenses may even be completely covered for you, reducing your out-of-pocket expenses. Additionally, when you drive your own vehicle, you get to pick your comfortable. Your car becomes your work-pod and you can dress it up anyway you want to.

At Angels on-Call, we have a need for reliable people to provide transportation services to homebound patients. We offer training and incentives to make it worth your while, although we think our patients do that for us! If you have a clean driving record and are comfortable providing transportation in New York, contact us to find a reliable job with steady income today.

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