Keeping Your Loved One Engaged When They Are Homebound

While some people enjoy some time at home, just hanging out with their loved ones, it never seems so unappealing as when your loved one is unable to leave the house! When illness or injury leaves your loved one homebound, don’t leave them to sit in front of the television or sit in awkward silence. Follow some of these helpful tips to keep you and your loved one engaged while coping with limitations.

At Angels On Call, our home healthcare staff offers a variety of services to help care for your homebound loved ones. A few of those services include respite services to give you a break as well as companion care to provide more than just necessary medical care. Contact us for all your home care needs!

Do a puzzle.

This classic past time tends to be overlooked nowadays, but can be both entertaining and mentally stimulating. There are so many puzzle options and varieties that the possibilities are endless! Puzzles allow both your hands and your mind to be occupied and help provide a sense of focus and accomplishment. Find a puzzle with a picture that your loved one will enjoy and work through it together.

Complete a Project

So many people have uncompleted projects that they always swear they will finish when they have more time. If you loved one is homebound, there is no time like the present! Perhaps the project is finishing a knitted sweater or maybe it is organizing a coin collection, whatever it is, get it done! If the project completion is further limited by a physical limitation, offering your help to complete it is the perfect way to spend time together. And, if that isn’t a viable option either, start a new project and complete it.

Compile Memories

We love this one. Compile your loved one’s memories into a collection of some sort. Organize photos, write all their recipes in one book, or even take on the task of writing a memoir. You can create a scrapbook or catalog old letters and documents. Going through these things can spark great stories and bring you closer together.

Play Games

Games are a great way to pass the time in an entertaining and stimulating way. Additionally, the challenge and competition can be a fun way to spend time together. Games help invite the whole family together. If your loved one has a game they prefer that you don’t know how to play, allow them to teach you! And, return the favor by teaching them how to play one of your favorites. If you do not have games or don’t know how to play any, there are plenty of online resources and inexpensive games available at your local department or thrifts stores.

All of these ideas work for the homebound person, whether it is due to medical reasons or a natural disaster. These ideas work for loved ones of all ages and physical abilities. At Angels On Call, our caring in-home caregivers are more than happy to engage in any of these activities and so much more. Stay tuned for part two where we will discuss a few more ideas, addressing specific limitations. And, in the meantime, contact us for your free consultation!

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