What to Expect From Your In-Home Companion

For most people, the idea of leaving their home when they are no longer able to completely care for themselves is a terrifying prospect. Not only does it feel like defeat or as though life is suddenly coming to an end. While this is not usually the case, moving out of your home to be cared for is unfamiliar and a dramatic change. If you or your loved one requires some assistance with day to day tasks or simple companionship but feels that home is the best place to be — because it is! — consider in-home companion care from Angels On-Call Homecare instead.

Follow along in today’s post as we attempt to quell some of your fears by discussing some of the things you can expect from your in-home companion.

Family-like Care

People seek positions as in-home companions because they genuinely care about people and want to help make lives comfortable. When you hire a companion who has sought out an Angels On-Call career, you can rest assured that you will have a high-quality home aide who will treat you like family! Whether you want someone to play Gin Rummy with or carry on a light-hearted conversation about current events with, your in-home companion is a family member on-call!

Help With Anything

Home health aides are trained and prepared to help their clients with a variety of household tasks based on your needs. If you need help preparing meals, folding laundry, or curling your hair, your companion is there to help! Whatever you are capable of doing on your own, you are free to do and your in-home companion is there to help in the event you need it. For a full list of tasks that your in-home companion can assist with, visit us online.


At Angels On-Call Homecare, we only hire the best staff! All of our home health aides will treat you with dignity and respect while responding to all of your needs. Our caring professionals will be the companion you need while maintaining your personal privacy and medical confidentiality. Additionally, unlike your actual family members, your in-home companion is equipped with formal training, medical knowledge, experience, and an obligation to operate with your best interest at heart.

Letting someone into your life to help care for you can seem a little odd or uncomfortable at first. But your relationship with your in-home companion is dictated by your needs, on your terms, in your own home. You have the ability to interview different companions before inviting them into your home. At Angels On-Call Homecare, we are proud to offer quality care companions that will provide you with the comfort and safety you deserve. Contact us to meet our in-home companions today!

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