How Home Health Care Companions Prevent Falls

Home health care companions offer many health benefits to their clients by way of direct care of medical issues by way of wound care, medication administration, and disease treatment; by helping their clients with activities of daily living. Other, indirect ways, that home health care companions aid their clients in living healthy lives is by helping them go out and about, socialize, and help prevent falls. If your loved one has had a fall, or near fall, recently, they may benefit from the skilled help and watchful eye of a home health aid. Here are just a few ways that home care companions can help prevent falls.

Assist With Medications

Medications are a significant precursor to falls in the elderly. Medications have the ability to alter the way a person feels or alter their perceptions, as is the case with pain medications. Some medications are designed to lower blood pressure, which when blood pressure is high, is a good thing; however, when the blood pressure is normal, it can make a person feel dizzy, lightheaded, or even cause syncope (fainting). The same thing can happen when medication that manages diabetes is taken when blood sugar is normal or the person does not eat. Home health personnel helps with medications and makes sure that the right dose is taken at the right time and that vital signs are within parameters prior to administration.

Reducing Fall Risks

Home health companions are well versed in fall hazards and can perform a home assessment to help identify and correct things that are potential fall hazards. Common fall hazards include area rugs, small pets, and change in floors — from carpet to hardwood. Getting into and out of the tub are common problems too, a bath stool and grip bars can help make the transition easier and reduce the risk of falling. If your loved one needs help with activities of daily living, such as bathing, a home health care companion will be right there to physically help prevent falls.

Promote Physical Activity

When physical ability becomes limited, those who live alone tend to just be immobile and may even skip out on outings and get togethers to avoid dealing with their new handicap. Unfortunately, this does not promote healing and can actually worsen their condition and make them more prone to falling. With the help of a home health care companion, your loved one can can get one-on-one assistance with mobility. Home health workers can help with physical therapy, regular exercise, reinforce the use of assistive devices, and help with transfers, all of which aid in reducing falls.

One in three seniors will fall this year, and those falls will result in injuries that will further limit their mobility and independence and complicate their lives. Be proactive in preventing falls by hiring a home health care companion to help. If you are looking for home health care in Westchester County, look no further than Angels On-Call Homecare — we provide someone to look over you when you need it. Call now to schedule your consultation!

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